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Diane Black

Artist Statement

The familiar childhood refrain of “Sticks and Stones” continues with… “will break my bones but names will never hurt me”. At the root of this is the concept of real vs. imagined, concrete vs. conceptual, solid vs. abstract and “hurtful”- so get medical attention, vs. “hurtful”- so get over it. I wanted to explore these ideas by taking normally solid objects (sticks) and manipulating them so they appear to be uncharacteristically fluid as well as to play with the idea of “sticks” that are made of “stones” (clay). Metaphorically, this work is meant to be a comment on how the differences between conceptual and concrete can be dubious.

Diane Black is a Kingston artist whose studio practice encompasses a variety of mediums including (but not limited to) drawing, painting and sculpture. Her background in Illustration instilled a love of visual narratives and much of her work has a story-telling quality with which she invites the viewer to engage in meanderings of the imagination.

Marney McDiarmid

Artist Statement

I think of my pieces as small celebrations, intimate gestures of drawing and sculpture that pay homage to the wildness and diversity of the natural world. My work is all hand built, primarily with Cone 6 porcelain that I fire in an electric kiln. I’m obsessed with colour and underglazes and never tire of exploring new techniques in surface decoration. I aim to bring a sense of joy and connection to the viewer and in doing so call attention to our deep connection to the world around us.

Marney McDiarmid is a queer ceramic artist with an MA in Oral History and five years of a PhD in Cultural Studies. Since the mid 1990s she has been creating lushly decorated hand built pieces out of porcelain, renowned for their grace and whimsy. In 2019 her work was shown at Wall Space (Ottawa), Bonspiel (NCECA 2019), the Saskatoon Arts Council, and the FUSION Fireworks! touring exhibition, and in the winter of 2020, she exhibited in the Lobby Vitrine of the Gardiner Museum. Marney’s work has appeared in the Lark book 500 Prints on Clay and in the National Post. In 2017 she was awarded “Best in Show” at the FUSION Clay and Glass exhibit in Toronto, ON. She is a recent recipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant and travelled to Hawaii in the winter of 2020 to research a new body of work. You can find her work online at, at, and in person at galleries in Toronto, Ottawa, Almonte and Kingston.

Connie Morris

Artist Statement

Sticks are imagery I have been incorporating into my paintings and environments for many years. This show has encouraged me to reflect on what it is about sticks and wood that I am so connected to. Beyond their natural beauty, I realize it is their resilience and endurance that captivates me. Beautiful and vibrant when alive, once they have stopped “ living”, and are no longer part of something bigger, they stay beautiful, strong and as graceful as ever. Removing their outer, protective bark reveals a timeless beauty.
This series has evolved from a progression of drawings done pre the world’s current health crisis. These works allow me to go back, or forward, to a brighter and lighter time.

Connie Morris is a Kingston based painter, educator and graphic designer. She holds a B.F.A. In Fine Art, Bachelor of Education and a diploma in New Media Design. She has been part of Tri-Art Mfg. Inc. for 15+ years. Her creative processes continue to and evolve with 2D and 3D expressions. Her works reflect her visual experiences and inner imaginings of our world.

Rhéni Tauchid

Artist Statement

sticks + stones
words + bones

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, words more often than either sticks or stones - can harm, break, form or mend. They shape and influence us from roots to fruit. They can be deeply damaging or can hold and heal in equal measure.

My work has always been about surface, and how the materials that I use interact with the substrate. My assemblages and collections are a combination of painted organic and found objects, accented with metallic colours to bring out the textural elements of each. A conversation between paint and substrate, addressing the impact of words. The painting, Whispers in the surf, is the anchor holding these disparate pieces together. Charcoal lines, moved by the waterborne paint, extend like roots, appearing like words. The shimmer of text glazing the waterscape. My palette, my world.

3 books. Painter. Educator. Writer. Gallery Director. Product consultant. Long time factory girl. Rhéni Tauchid is an author, painter, and educator. At Tri-Art Mfg. Inc. she is the materials consultant, part of the product development team, and founder of the Tri-Art Acrylic Education Program and the Art Noise Studio program. She teaches painting workshops and lectures locally and abroad. Rhéni is the director and curator of the Art Noise Gallery. Rhéni is the author of The New Acrylics (Watson-Guptill/Random House, 2005), New Acrylics Essential Sourcebook, (Watson-Guptill/Random House, 2009) and Acrylic Painting Mediums & Methods (The Monacelli Press, 2018). Her books have been translated into Dutch and German. She is based in Kingston, Ontario Canada.

Small artworks are the perfect way to begin an art collection!
This year will mark the third year of hosting A Show of Smalls in the Art Noise Gallery. Featuring little artworks from 25+ local artists, emerging to professional.

The smalls are displayed in Room 1 and Room 2 of the Art Noise Gallery, and will be featured on a rotating basis in the storefront windows for your distanced browsing pleasure.
  • 1 min read
Nature is my greatest inspiration. I'm fascinated with the layering of distant horizons. To me, looking out over a large body of water or open vista is one of the most peaceful, calming views.
​In my paintings, I try to capture the simple graceful beauty of it all. Also allowing the paint to settle, ebb and flow, in its own natural process makes sense to me. I embrace the mystery and beauty of it all.
  • 1 min read
This series of studies is inspired by those moments during the day that stop me in my tracks...captured by the way light plays through transparency and translucency to elevate even the most mundane and humble of artifacts into ephemeral moments of magic and beauty...particularly this winter, when we were all self-isolating and some of us found ourselves sliding into introspection...instead I chose for extro-spection: looking outward (yup...I get to make up my own new words).
  • 3 min read