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Chin Yiu Wong's After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Chin Yiu Wong


Operations Coordinator

Favorite product:

Linseed Soap


As a student of maths and sciences, art was always the furthest subject from my mind. It was not until recently, when I married into a family of artists, that I started appreciating art. And it was even more recently, when I started working at Tri-Art, that I started making art. Having only painted for about two years, I'm still finding what style works for me. However, I do find comfort in "controlled chaos" - defining clear boundaries (whether physical, conceptual, or material) before allowing myself to explore within that space.


For Spirit Guide: This is one of my favourite examples of "Controlled Chaos". Define a few features of the subject: the outline, some key body parts, and the general colour requirements, then just let the paint do the rest. The swirls, stripes, and splotches take shape on their own, and often reveal new aspects that had previously gone undiscovered.

For Preform 1 and Preform 2: This series examines how life is affected by its surroundings. One can bloom or decay through a set of circumstances outside of one's control: living conditions, support system, and external influences. Though the intrinsic value of each object was once the same, one is now desirable, radiant, and valuable; while the other is trash and abandoned to rot in the dirt. The structures in this series were discovered and recovered by Amy Running of the Blowmolding Department.

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