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Eden Emberley's After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Eden Emberley


Art Noise Associate

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Cold Press Watercolour Ground


I'm an artist here in Kingston with a variety of mediums under my belt. My favourite traditional mediums are watercolour, graphite sketching, and alcohol markers. For these pieces I've been inspired by beautiful Japanese kimonos. I've been interested in Japanese fashion and culture since I was little because of my older sisters and anime. I've also always loved doing portraiture. Although I've done many landscapes and still-lifes, I enjoy depicting the human body. They are unique and gorgeous things that you will never find 2 of the same of.


With these works I wanted to learn more about kimonos. I found some images I liked and studied kimonos - the different parts and pieces, types of obi knots, patterns, symbolic meanings, and more. I have learned a lot from these pieces, especially with hand painting patterns. For many of the patterns I would paint them down then use a tissue or my hand immediately to dab off some of the paint so it looked softer and less stark. This also helped with using layering, so building up colour and texture looked more natural and subtle.

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