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Jeff Wilcox's After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Jeff Wilcox


Filling Department

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I’ve had a lifelong interest in art. I took art courses all throughout high school, and have drawn continuously since then. I find drawing and expressing myself is very therapeutic for my mental health. It helps focus my mind and distract me from everyday life and the stresses that come with it. All I have to do is put on some music and draw whatever comes to mind. I often gravitate towards landscapes, as it reminds me of my childhood spent at my family’s cottage.


I’ve chosen to draw a golden eagle as I am impressed by its majesty and wisdom. As a child, I was taught by my Grandpa how to watch for hawks, so I’ve always been fascinated by birds of prey. I love watching them hunt and I’m amazed by the physicality of their movements. Catching their wingprints in the snow is such a sight to behold – it’s a perfect snapshot of nature in action.

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