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Liam Fraser's After Hours 2023 Artwork

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<p>Liam Fraser</p>
<p>Tri-Art Audio</p>
<p><strong>Favorite product:</strong></p>
<p>Liam Fraser is a Kingston-based artist and craftsman utilizing “scrap” and recycled materials to create anything from shelves and boxes to colourful abstract paintings. His eye for composition and colour has developed through experimentation with hobbies such as photography, and when working with wood he often uses techniques learned through his work in the Tri-Art Audio department. He draws inspiration from working around (or with) imperfections in the materials, and enjoys building things that are both useful and nice-looking.</p>
<p>Tiny Triptych
Mixed media: scrap wood, acrylic paint, copper wire

This piece is one of several that are decorating the beige walls of my rented apartment. Their various shapes and colours brighten and personalize the space. I paint intuitively, with brushes, sponges, and spray/splatter techniques. I use what I have on hand, and as a result the pieces are all unique, and sometimes receive updates and additions after being hung up and considered over time. The pieces in this triptych are different dimensions and woods, so I have used colour and hanging arrangement to make them into a cohesive piece. I chose copper wire to complement the paint.</p>

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