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Maya Kotsovolos' After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Maya Kotsovolos



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Rheotech Cadmium Orange (Hue)


With a BAH in Global Development Studies and Art History, 23 year old Maya Kotsovolos currently works as a graphic designer, and is a multidisciplinary designer/artist. In her work, Maya draws upon many tensions and contradictions: past vs. present, human life vs. object life, endurance vs. fragility, craftwork vs. mechanization, presence vs. absence, art vs. science, order vs. chaos and so on. Maya aims to provide a window into how scientific information could be perceived through the lens of art. She also hopes to express what she believes is the function of art in today’s contemporary world: a form of storytelling and documentation, but most importantly - an invitation to reflect, think, and wonder.


“The Sky Since You Left” explores themes of transit, the mechanical vs. the emotional, aesthetic function, and the automobile as an object of consumption within the age of mass individuality. Maya incorporates mechanical drawings, road signs, images of gears, and other forms of technical information in this work. The abstract shapes exist as part of and in contrast to the exacting nature of orthographic drawings; creating a link between the living and the mechanical. In a world where so many things come as ready-made, “The Sky Since You Left” celebrates the unobserved work that comes before a product or machine has been created. Maya encourages viewers to see these technical drawings and other “mundane” visual aspects of everyday life as unique and perhaps beautiful symbolic-textual compositions in their own right.

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