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Mike Crichton's After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Mike Crichton


Paint Production

Favorite product:

Liquid Glass


My appreciation and knowledge of artist paints is from an insiders view. I have been working with Tri-Art for (16) years. I handle with colours every day. I combine materials for the genesis of all our colours and mediums. My touch starts from the scooping and the beed milling of pigments to the full development of paint colours and mediums. My appreciation of Artist paints has developed and grown over the years as have I and my personal journey which now includes my wife, son and pets.


This piece represents (15) years of paint production. Part of my job involves making paint dispersions and bases; the beginning step for of all Tri-Art paints and mediums. It involves mixing pigments and essential ingredients into a 685 Litre vat of liquid. My go-to tool is a 10 inch spatula, which I use to initiate the mixing of the ingredients. This sculpture, comprised of drips, is a three dimensional pointillist piece documenting 20 thousand batches and 15 years of my career with Tri-Art.

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