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Patricia Lemus' After Hours 2023 Artwork

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Patricia Lemus


Quality Control Lab Technician

Favorite product:

Tri-Art Liquids


I began working at Tri-Art in 2006 as a quality control lab technician. During this time, I have had the opportunity to not only test and evaluate nearly all Tri-Art products, but also the chance to develop new ones. All of my skills as a scientist have culminated in a guarantee of excellence for each product used by our customers. It wasn't until just under a year ago that me and my colleagues decided to challenge ourselves with artistic feats.


Before our art group, I had never painted before, so working with brushes, blending colours, and managing other painting techniques wasn't easy. Initially, I tried to educate myself through the use of videos by various artists online. For me, the idea of painting was to create a space to relax and express myself. Throughout several months, we each made seven different pieces, and during that time, I was able to see some progress with my technique, as well as learned from the feedback provided by my "Show and Tell Team". The piece I selected as the submission for the show reflects my accomplishments. For sure, this was an enjoyable experience. I haven't hung up my apron or put away my palettes and brushes yet! Though in the end, I still consider myself a scientist, not an artist.

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