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Simon Ginsberg's After Hours 2023 Artwork


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Simon Ginsberg


Lab Manager

Favorite product:

Crackle Ground


Growing up in the family business has had a big influence on my artistic life. As I have gotten older, I find that I increasingly need to be creating things, and as such, my experience in the Tri-Art lab has been an important creative outlet while at work. As I move into more of a managerial and oversight role, I hope that I can translate some of my artistic spirit unto others.


Though it may not seem apparent, my two selected works are born out of a digital environment. Lately, I've been looking to the future of AI generation as an artistic tool with cautious excitement. AI generation helped me achieve my vision of "Tropical Paradise is a Cup of Good Coffee" by rendering out a visual reference from a series of chosen word prompts. It always amazes me how seamlessly the AI can render challenging materials, textures and concepts. In "Love, an interpretation", I abstracted 3d character models made from simple geometry and 'brought them to life' with the use of a 3d printer.

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