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Est. 2015

Art Noise is a multifaceted brick & mortar retailer and e-commerce store. It is the flagship retail outlet for Tri-Art Mfg. and stocks a curated selection of high-quality complimentary products for a complete shopping experience.​

Art Noise has two gallery rooms, which also function as listening spaces for audio equipment manufactured by Tri-Art Audio.

We stock a huge range of curated vinyl records, focusing on unique audiophile recordings and lesser represented artists.

We have closed our classroom space, we will no longer be hosting art classes nor workshops in our store, as our classroom has been repurposed to accommodate other aspects of our business. Any demonstrations and events happening in the store and the Art Noise Gallery will be posted on our social media pages.

Made locally. Loved globally.

Established in 1994, Tri-Art has grown to employ over 60 local staff, produce 20 different paint lines and make all the packaging for their products in a production area of over 29,000 square feet. Tri-Art Mfg. now sells products locally, nationally and internationally.

Tri-Art’s original goal was to produce the best product possible for artists. To this day, making quality products for every level of expression has remained our objective. Production began on a small scale in the back of the store, producing one line of professional, acrylic colours.

Tri-Art Audio

Tri-Art Audio grew out of a desire by its founder, Steve Ginsberg, to create audio systems of the highest possible quality and value for distinct levels of audiophiles: something for the entry level, the enthusiast and the experienced audiophile. Within each of these levels, a passion for sonic purity and exceptional design was the objective.

In order to accomplish the highest audio performance within each level, a number of creative approaches were used to merge technology with elements of design. An extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship, along with an in-depth understanding of audio transmission, has resulted in the finest sonic purity and fine-form aesthetic possible within each of Tri-Art Audio’s series.