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Show Statement

After Hours: 2023 is the second collective show of artwork produced by the Art Noise and Tri-Art staff. While each of the artists have a different background that has shaped their artistic landscape, working in the store, and in the Tri-Art factory, has enriched their knowledge of new materials and has drawn inspiration into their work. This exhibition offers a unique glimpse into creative practices that are explored after hours by our diverse and intrepid staff.

Participating Artists

Alvira Tazmim

Alyce Soulodre

Chin Yu Wong

Connie Morris

Dennis Currie

Eden Emberley

Emily Adams

Erin Shannon

Evan Ginsberg

Ian Franks

Jax Halvorsen

Jeff Wilcox

Liam Fraser

Lily Loney

Maya Kotsovolos

Melanie Gordon

Mica Ginsberg

Mike Crichton

Patrica Lemus

Rheni Tauchid

Sarah Simundson

Sekai Chikodzi

Simon Ginsberg

Steve Ginsberg

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