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Show Statement

This work is a collection of short stories about humanity.
the egg is an invitation for relationship
listening begs earnest attention
rain is the almost invisible present
and the human figure is a vessel for our humanity.
There is a re-occurring rhythm of attachment, rupture and re-attachment. It occurs in the subject matter as well as in the style through the coupling of spontaneity and intention in the marks.

I often travel through uncomfortable terrain to visit histories and contemplate systems of behaviour.
I experiment with forms of expression - poetic and humorous, so the viewer can feel safe to jump in and contemplate too.
Adam Pendleton, in his collaborative work with Yvonne Rainer, recently spoke:
“I like how a simple gesture can allow something much more complex to emerge. It can be read on a conceptual level as well as on a very human level – to consider the possibility of what we can be together.”

To quote Dr. Gabor Maté:
“Just as the lung is the expectation of oxygen, the human is the expectation of attachment.”

And finally a description from Lawrence Hill:
“The large sky of an emotional sunset is a picture of ourselves as we learn to carry and contain all our emotions at the same time.”

Aïda Šulcs - Bio

I cut my teeth as a freelance illustrator.  I developed muscle as an artist in education.  I lost my way in a residency.  I discovered my spine listening to the rain.