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The Art Room

Art Noise is excited to announce the launch of The Art Room, a space dedicated to making art more accessible for the community.

The Art Room’s mandate is to provide low-/no-cost paint supplies to artists-in-need, channelled through non-profit groups, schools, charities and other community organizations.

The materials on offer are off-spec, discontinued, lightly damaged or mislabelled art making materials. By offering these products to the community at either full donation or deep discounts, we are keeping them out of landfill and putting them in the hands of those most in need of a creative outlet.

Access to the Art Room is by invitation or referral only.

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The Art Room’s mandate is to provide low-/no-cost paint supplies for projects related to the visual arts to the following types of organizations: Registered charities, not-for-profit organizations, educational facilities, care homes, corrections centres and other community groups and organizations. 

Transactions can only be made by individuals or families, on a per-case basis, by referral from the types of organizations listed above. 

The products that are available through the art room are primarily those that for one reason or another are not suitable for sale in the Art Noise store. They are a selection that include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Tri-Art “Oops” products: 

Oops products are paints and accessories that have been produced in the Tri-Art Mfg. factory that are not up to our ridgid standard and thus are not suitable for resale at full MSRP. Discounting and/or donating lab samples and off-spec products is one way of keeping them out of landfill or having to be incinerated. Our paint products are fully manufactured in the Tri-Art factory and packaged in recyclable jars and bottles which are also produced on the premises. We endeavour to reduce our waste, recycle where we can, and discounting and donating these paints within our community is another way for us to be more responsible manufacturers.

Oops Paints:

Many of these colours are older, or unsuitable for resale in some other way. Some of the contributing conditions for paints ending up in the donation pile are the following:

Paints are off-spec beyond adjustable parameters. Issues can include:

colour cannot be adjusted to correct parameters

foreign contaminants in the jar (usually dust, pigment, etc.)

undissolved particulate (pigment, acrylic, etc.)

Paints are aged and therefore thicker than is acceptable for resale.

Paints are batch samples from the Tri-Art lab that have undergone freeze/thaw stability testing.

Paints are contained in outdated or mislabelled packaging

Oops supports and palettes:

As all of our aluminium panels, aluminium cradled panels and plastic painting palettes are cut on site in our factory, some will have small defects (scratches, rougher edges, etc.) but are otherwise perfectly usable. Canvases and canvas pads in the Oops category may have imperfections in the canvas fabric, or the stretcher bars, discrepancies in sizing, etc. but are otherwise usable. 

Discontinued products

Tri-Art manufactured products that have been discontinued for retail sales but are otherwise perfectly usable.

Lightly damaged products

Whether it’s an easel with a broken part, a canvas with a light tear, or paper that has some water stains, any lightly damaged materials are still usable but may require a little trimming or fixing. 

Overstock & Clearance products

In some cases we have materials that we’ve ordered too much of, or have larger quantities that do not move quickly from the sales floor. These products will be deeply discounted, to make more room for fresh products in the Art Noise store. 

Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cash.  Business cheques, and certified cheques. All purchases from The Art Room will be routed through the Art Noise cash system. Gift certificates for Art Noise are not valid for The Art Room transactions.

In an effort to be able to provide materials to as many individual organizations as we can, and to ensure that our donations are distributed fairly, each transaction will be handled on a first come first served basis with attention being paid to space out the frequency of transactions made by each organization. As our supplies are limited, and continuously being cycled through, we may not be able to accommodate every request. We will make every effort to meet the requested quantity of supplies per transaction, again being mindful of the fair distribution of our stock.

Yes. The Art Room will gladly accept your unwanted art supplies and redistribute them into the community through donation. As our space is limited, and in an effort to control the quality, usability of all materials coming out of our store, we ask that all donations be reviewed prior to acceptance. Please send your list to for our review. 

Although we will review each request for donations and discounted sales, we cannot guarantee that the request will be met. Access to materials will depend on stock availability, and frequency of prior requests per organization. 

The Art Room does not guarantee the longevity and usability of donation and discounted products. 

All sales and donations are final. The Art Room does not provide refunds, exchange nor credit.