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Tri-Art High Viscosity

Our premium line of acrylic colours. A high performance paint known for it’s unique consistency and vibrancy.

On the brush.

The thickest in viscosity of all our acrylic paint lines. The unique consistency allows the user to create bold, crisp impasto effects or smooth areas of colour.  This professional line has the most extensive selection of organic and inorganic colours. Keep brushes and tools wet during use.


The creamy and lush colours are easily manipulated with a brush, palette knife or spreading tool to obtain extreme textures or the fidelity and signature of a brush stroke. The colours may be used alla prima or mixed with mediums, extending with mediums is recommended due to the high pigment concentration.

On the surface.

High Viscosity acrylics have the inherent ability to create thick and textured or controlled — detailed works. All have excellent adhesion to surfaces due to their high binder content. They may be used on canvas, paper, wood or any surface prepared for water-based paints. Once dry the colours will remain flexible and resistant to flaking, cracking or lifting from surfaces.

What makes these F.Q. lines special?

Each colour has been formulated with the highest-grade pigments and binders to achieve the maximum concentration and colour strength. No fillers or extenders are used allowing for authentic pigment characteristics and colour chroma. The colour’s gloss, satin or matte finish as well as opacity and transparency will also be dictated by their pigment content. All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading.