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Compilation - Chasing the Dragon II (LP)


Label: Chasing The Dragon – VALCD009
Format: LP
Country: UK
Genre: Jazz, Non-Music, Classical
Style: Big Band, Baroque, Field Recording, Classical
Another demonstration album from Chasing The Dragon. This LP contains several interesting tracks, including a voice recording which compares a valve microphone versus a transistor microphone. The incredible level of detail in this LP makes it possible to note the minute differences.

The first album Chasing The Dragon ever released was a collection of audiophile recordings. Many fans have asked when they would be releasing a 2nd album of audiophile recordings. After recording many new tracks, as well as adding a small selection from recent albums, Chasing The Dragon presents to you Chasing The Dragon II. The organ recording has enough bass to rattle not only your speakers, but also your neighbour’s teeth! Also included is a comparison track between a 60-year-old valve microphone, which is used for all CTD recordings, and a modern high-quality transistor mic. The differences which you can clearly hear, are very interesting.

This 180-gram Audiophile Demonstration & Test Disc is a treat to listen to, and also a great way to test and show off your system.


- Audiophile Demonstration LP
- 180-gram vinyl
- Mastered at Air Studios in London
- Produced/Engineered by Mike Valentine

This audiophile demonstration recording samples classical compositions by Vivaldi, J.S. Bach and Corelli, alongside a drum solo improvisation, a choir performance, microphone comparison of male voice recording, rehearsals, and more.

The recording path has been made as simple as possible, and this will become clear when you play the album. The artists are performing right in front of you, between your loudspeakers.

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