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Ferris Wheel Press - The Carousel Inkwell


Bring joy and magic to your desk – This mighty glass vessel transports you to a world of wonder every time you put pen to paper. Designed for artists and calligraphers to elevate their creative experience with dip pens while testing, swatching and exploring the world of fountain pen ink.

At the heart of this Modern Antique™ lies a charming glass vessel, poised atop a tented metal cap. An experience like no other – with a gentle spin of the Carousel, the inkwell springs to life, blending your most charming inks in a mesmerising display.

Whether you're a calligraphy enthusiast or simply looking for a desktop tool to spark your creativity, the Carousel Inkwell is the perfect inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Let the Carousel Inkwell be your most magical companion for creative sessions swirling, exploring, swatching, and dipping your enchanted inks. Pairs wonderfully with glass and steel dip nib pens. Fill your fountain pens and converters with 2 angled positions.

  1. Store - keep capped when not in use, lasting up to 4-5 days
  2. Stir - place the glass atop the tented cap and gently spin to mix your ink
  3. Savour - 2 angled latching positions so you never miss a drop!

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