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Enkaustikos - Anthraquinone Blue


Anthraquinone Blue is a single pigment paint that is a very dark, transparent midnight blue. It has a moderately strong tinting strength, yet is easily controlled when creating mixes. Also known as Indanthrone Blue, this blue is more commonly associated with an indigo. This blue is reminiscent of the night sky when extended with wax medium, maintaining lots of depth and richness as well. Even though it has a slightly reddish cast it is equally suited to mixing deep purples as well as deep greens. When mixed with white, it tends to grey out to a "navy", and if bluish grey is what you are looking for, try mixing it with any of the umbers and wax medium. It has completely different properties than the Phthalo Blues, Ultramarine or Prussian Blue, making it a necessity to our paint line. Anthraquinone Blue is a featured paint in our Contemporary Set Hot Cakes® Set.

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