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Enkaustikos - Caput Mortuum


Caput Mortuum is a single pigment paint and one of several iron oxide pigments used in our color line. It is a deep transparent mauve brown with a low tinting strength. When tinted with whites the mauve tone becomes more prevalent. The original Caput Motuum pigment was made from ground up mummies, however that practice was discontinued in the 1800's. It®s name literally means ®dead head® or ®worthless remains®. Other paint names for Caput Mortuum are Cardinal Purple, Egyptian Brown, and Mummy Brown. Great for glazing or for use in tonal paintings and portraiture. Caput Mortuum is most similar to Micaceous Iron Oxide in color. The difference being MIO has a redder undertone, where as Caput Mortuum has a purple undertone.

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