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Enkaustikos - Naphthol Red


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We have found Naphthol Red to be a most versatile red, especially when you are looking for the Cadmium ®look® but with more translucency. Naphthol Red is a single pigment paint and is part of the modern paints we offer our paint line. It is one of the strongest tinters we offer, Naphthol Red is most similar to Cadmium Red Medium in hue, but has blue undertones and so mixes with other colors differently and maintains it®s vibrancy well when mixed with other colors. Naphthol Red is one of our signature colors, and we have included it in our Enkaustikos Hot Cakes® Introductory and Academy Sets. Since Naphthol Red is semi-transparent in nature it is well suited for extending heavily with wax medium for glazing techniques, be aware that a little goes a long way.

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