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Enkaustikos - Opal Aquamarine


Opal Aquamarine has a shimmery turquoise hue with a warm undertone and a surprising purple interference, meaning that depending on what angle you look at the paint, you will see variations in the paint. The Opal Series are not meant to be used for mixing as this will affect the translucency and interference attributes of these paints. The pigment particles are heavy and will settle easily, so make sure to stir the opals to get good pigment distribution if you are melting them in a tin. We like to think of the Opals as finishing touches, as they impart a jewel like effect. When painted over other light colors the effects are subtle, but when painted over darks, the metallic and interference properties will be more pronounced. Opal Aquamarine is one of our top sellers and unique to Enkaustikos.

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