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Setasilk - 45 ml Cyan


Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and works on all types of silk: twill, pongé, crêpe de Chine, crêpe georgette, damask silk, ...

Very easy to use, it can be fixed simply by ironing, Setasilk colours suit all silk painting techniques: outlines, salt sprinkling technique, watercolour, sun technique, wax batik, mahaju technique...

Thermo-fixed, bright and intense watercolours for silk painting. They are fluid and fuse onto silk. The colours are ready to use and mix together. They preserve all the silk's flexibility and offer a palette of rich, refined and bright colours. Do not hesitate to go over the wet colour for good unison.

Before being worked, silk must be either stretched on a frame or placed on a fleece and fixed with an adhesive. This solution is more convenient for media such as neckties.

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