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Tri-Art Sludge

Tri-Art SLUDGE is a by-product of acrylic paint manufacturing. It is the combination of the precipitated solids amassed from our wash water, which has then been re-processed into thick and thin acrylic paint formats.

The waste solids are made up primarily of assorted pigments, additives (such as calcium carbonate, coloured Mylar and matting agents) and dried acrylic particulate. These act as the colorant in this product.

SLUDGE has the same handling qualities as regular acrylic paints and can be used as a paint, primer or paint medium. It is manufactured with 100% acrylic emulsion, is semi-opaque and contains a fine particulate giving it a lightly toothy texture.

No two batches are alike, thus we do not assign a colour name but rather refer to each edition by their Batch #.

The Thick SLUDGE has similar texture holding capabilities as our High Viscosity colours, while the Thin version is comparable to our Liquid line. 

Available only in a 500mL format.