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Vitrea 160 - 45ml Shimmer Gold


Vitrea 160 water-based colours combine professional quality with ease of use. After baking at 160° C in a domestic oven, the colours become deeper in hue. The glass then appears to have been directly dyed in the mass. On glass or crystal, the transparency and effects of Vitrea 160 colours take best advantage of the light. Vitrea 160 can, nevertheless, be applied to other media that can be heated at a temperature of 160° C. Whether they be liquids in bottles, pastes in tubes or markers, the Vitrea 160 colours present the same characteristics and properties. Used together, they allow you to freely vary the effects and techniques. Their transparent glossy, frosted and iridescent finishes invite you to create multiple plays on light and contrasts. To make the colours more fluid, use the Vitrea 160 Thinner. Frosted Medium serve to brighten the colours without depleting them, the Iridescent Medium gives them pearlescent reflections.

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