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Experimenting with movement, chasing playfulness and catapulting towards translating the experience of being a sensitive, imperfect human... all of these aspects stand out to me as I listen to LP1 and remind me of the great variation within art and self-expression and humanity. And that, I truly believe, is a feat. 
In Phoebe Bridgers’ second studio album, Punisher, she walks with us, exploring shadows of memory and visiting life in retrospect. The album, released in 2020, is an honest take on sorrow and notions of apathy that accompany solitude. Composed of eleven tracks, it assembles memorable melodies and poetic lyrics that dance with intimate emotions and personal experience. Beginning with DVD Menu, a dark tone unravels. The eerie instrumental sets a chilly and nostalgic autumnal mood while we begin a stroll through time.
  • 2 min read
Music has transformative powers and some artists have the capacity to make you believe in telepathy. Whether it is the unique timbre of their voice that speaks to you, or their concise, yet, specific lyrical style, songwriters possess the intimate ability to relate to us by way of one-sided conversation. Toronto-based, balladeer Charlotte Cornfield is a seasoned conversationalist, and her lyrics paint expressive portraits. In April 2019, Cornfield released her third studio album entitled the ‘The Shape of Your Name.’ This record explores everything from the month of June, to Jack Nicholson, to the surprising anguish that can be caused by the sighting of a Silver Civic. Concise, clear and clever are the three driving principles of Cornfield’s writing. Her charm stems from her honesty, or rather, her ability to weave stories in a way that is not only believable, but realistic.
  • 3 min read