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Gallery Submissions Guidelines

Our Submission Guidelines

Read our Submission Guidelines below and ensure you have everything prepared for your application.

Art Noise is a concept store, featuring retail art materials, audio equipment and curated vinyl, a studio classroom and two galleries which also serve as listening/viewing rooms for Tri-Art Audio and Goosystems. A multifaceted hub for creativity in Kingston’s vibrant downtown community.

Our two gallery spaces (Room 1 & Room 2) have been designed for optimum acoustic showcasing and to that end, part of that construction consists of perforated bamboo panels which line the walls of both rooms. This aesthetic should be taken into consideration when submitting your work. As these rooms serve multiple functions (Audio, Video and Art exposition) Tri-Art Audio components will remain in both spaces at all times.

Please see our gallery room dimensions below.

  1. Art Noise welcomes submissions from emerging to professional individual artists, curators, and collectives to apply with new or existing exhibition proposals. Art Noise is seeking proposals for Gallery 1 and 2, or both. Exhibitions will be on view for 3-6 weeks, and accessible during regular store hours.
  2. As the primary showroom for Tri-Art paints, the Art Noise gallery is dedicated to showing artwork that has been produced all, or in significant part, with Tri-Art manufactured products*. Work that does not include Tri-Art products does not fit the mandate of our gallery and will not be considered for shows. Some exceptions may apply.
  3. Applicants who do not adhere to the above mentioned criteria will be disregarded.
  4. Art Noise will (when scheduling allows) host a curated group show on a yearly basis for Tri-Art users and workshop participants. Notices for submission to these shows will appear on our main gallery page and social media.
  5. Installations that consist of, or include an audio or video component (with or without sound), will also be considered for exhibition.
  6. All submissions be made online via this platform. Art Noise will not accept mailed submissions.
  7. While we appreciate all those who apply only successful applicants will be contacted.
*Please note that this does not mean "materials purchased at Art Noise", but more specifically products that have been manufactured by Tri-Art. To make sure your work fits our mandate, visit

  1. All work submitted to the gallery for a show must be ready to hang with any wires, hardware properly attached.
  2. Saw-tooth hangers are not suitable for our walls.
  3. Works on paper must be framed.
  4. All framed works must be in good condition.
  5. Suggested presentation for works on canvas:
    1. Unframed canvas paintings over should have sides that are at least 1 1/2 inches thick and staple free.
    2. They should be finished either by painting the sides in one tone or continuing the work around the sides.
  6. All work must be labelled on the back (name, title, date - no website or email) or have a label attached to the back for proper identification
  7. Loose prints must be in its own plastic sleeve
  8. All art cards must come with corresponding envelope, and preferably in a plastic sleeve.
  9. All works must be dry when submitted.
   You will be asked to include the following:
  1. Exhibition Description/Proposal
  2. Technical Requirements (if applicable)
  3. Artist CV (file upload)
  4. Artist Bio
  5. Artist Statement
  6. Images (1 to 4) PDF, JPG, Video. 10MB file size max. Group submissions can upload up to 6 images.
  7. Corresponding Image list (spreadsheet or document). Must included image name, dimensions, medium and date of completion.

Submit Now

If you have met our credentials listed above please submit your application to show in our gallery below.