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Whether it is the unique timbre of their voice that speaks to you, or their concise...

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Caran d'Ache - Luminance Coloured Pencil - Browns and Ochres

Luminance 6901® artist's pencils, specifically designed by Caran d'Ache in its Geneva Manufacture with colour image professionals in mind, reaffirm the high quality standards of the Maison. The new leads are designed for works intended for exhibition, collection and museum purposes.


Highly sought after by drawing masters from every creative sector, the subtle velvety effect of the new permanent pencil stems from two years of technical research conducted in complete secrecy at the heart of the Maison's workshops. Its delicate texture, along with the vibrancy of the many recently developed shades, open up exciting new vistas in the realms of overlaying, mixed techniques and gradation.

Its extreme lightfastness is confirmed by the most rigorous tests, earning Luminance 6901 top results and international ASTM D-6901 certification.

With Luminance 6901®, Caran d'Ache has achieved the feat of creating quite simply the most lightfast colour pencil ever designed.


The line is created according to the criteria laid down by the Swiss Made label and eco-friendly standards, thereby providing an additional demonstration of the Maison's steadfast ethical commitment.
Burnt Sienna 069
Burnt Sienna 10% 862
Burnt Sienna 50% 866
Cassel Earth 046
Cornelian 850
Olive Brown 039
Olive Brown 10% 732
Olive Brown 50% 736
Perylene Brown 585
Raw Sienna 036
Raw Umber 548
Raw Umber 10% 842
Raw Umber 50% 846
Russet 065
Sepia 10% 902
Sepia 50%
Sepia 407
Burnt Ochre 10% 872
Burnt Ochre 50% 876
Burnt Ochre 077
Brown Ochre 10% 832
Brown Ochre 50% 836
Brown Ochre 037
Green Ochre 025
Naples Ochre 821
Yellow Ochre 034

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