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Our previous shows 2022

Mathew Nagendran The History of Another Person

This body of work serves as a vehicle for me to explore how memory can recapture and preserve moments that have been lost in time. Ideas around the concept of involuntary memories have informed this painted series. 

Our previous shows

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Small artworks are the perfect way to begin an art collection!
This year will mark the third year of hosting A Show of Smalls in the Art Noise Gallery. Featuring little artworks from 25+ local artists, emerging to professional.

The smalls are displayed in Room 1 and Room 2 of the Art Noise Gallery, and will be featured on a rotating basis in the storefront windows for your distanced browsing pleasure.
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Nature is my greatest inspiration. I'm fascinated with the layering of distant horizons. To me, looking out over a large body of water or open vista is one of the most peaceful, calming views.
​In my paintings, I try to capture the simple graceful beauty of it all. Also allowing the paint to settle, ebb and flow, in its own natural process makes sense to me. I embrace the mystery and beauty of it all.
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This series of studies is inspired by those moments during the day that stop me in my tracks...captured by the way light plays through transparency and translucency to elevate even the most mundane and humble of artifacts into ephemeral moments of magic and beauty...particularly this winter, when we were all self-isolating and some of us found ourselves sliding into introspection...instead I chose for extro-spection: looking outward (yup...I get to make up my own new words).
  • 3 min read
Time/Lines is about my search for understanding and hope. Time attempts perspective and philosophizes from a distance, while Lines finds energy in the rhythms and routines of daily life.
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Tamasauskas has always been fascinated by the printmaking process: the sensuous types of papers, the character and smell of inks, the surface quality of layering colour over colour on limestone and amalgamating these parts by the pressure of the press.
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After Hours is a collective show of artwork  produced by the Art Noise staff. While each of the artists have a different background that has shaped their creative landscape, working in the store has enriched their knowledge of  new materials and has drawn unique inspiration into their work. Using various mediums including acrylics, textiles, embroidery, sculpture, and printmaking, these artworks explore a variety of different themes. 
  • 9 min read
​Bob completed a BFA (Visual Art — Studio) at York University, Toronto, and an architecture degree at UBC, Vancouver. After working in architecture for five years, he shifted to urban planning and also worked in web design. In addition, since 2009, Bob has written fiction.
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