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Manufacturer : STONES THROW
Manufacturer reference : STH 2025
Original Release Date : 2000

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Phileen Dickinson - Covid Studies 2020: Extrospection

  • 2 min read

As a Lapsed Artist, I'm meandering my way back into watercolour painting again, focusing on those visual elements that inspire me and challenge the fundamentals: my drawing, composition and painting skills.  In particular in this era of lockdown and isolation and its profound implications of COVID-19 for not only my family, but pretty much everyone I know, I found an outlet for dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety we all share by turning back to my art where I could assert control and focus on detail...(with possibly a little too much zeal).  However, this is where I've always found my grasping the essence of an image that appeals to me and filtering it through respect for form, colour and line.

This series of studies is inspired by those moments during the day that stop me in my tracks...captured by the way light plays through transparency and translucency to elevate even the most mundane and humble of artifacts into ephemeral moments of magic and beauty...particularly this winter, when we were all self-isolating and some of us found ourselves sliding into introspection...instead I chose for extro-spection: looking outward (yup...I get to make up my own new words).

My intent with these images was to embrace the thrill of capturing those moments of luminosity that lighten my day, while rediscovering the joy of playing with these new Tri-Art FQ Watercolour paints and exploring new ways to display watercolour: fixed on birch panels and finished with the  Tri-Art Liquid Glass product.

​Phileen Dickinson has worked as a graphic and interactive media designer and Illustrator for over 30 years.

She studied briefly at the Ontario College of Art and also participated in life drawing workshops with Los Angeles School of Art and Design.

Through her work history, from doll house designer, decorator and signwriter for IKEA to her current role as a Knowledge to Practice Project coordinator working with eLearning teams at RMC, Queen’s and Providence Care Hospital, she has accumulated skills that serve her fine art exploration, drawing and watercolour techniques as well as enriching her approach to teaching art.

She embraces a passion for figurative drawing and representational interpretation of all subject matter with a particular fascination for the play of light, reflection, refraction and transparency that gives life and nuance to moments in time.

Her approach to creating works involves a structured process, particularly with respect to watercolours and etching where the initial composition defines the final product and therefore must be given due consideration…as once pigment meets paper and etching tools work their way into the plate, the statement is made and can only be embellished not retracted. There is as much creativity in this initial process as the fun that follows when colour, texture, depth and tone come together in a safe space to play.