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Adele Webster - Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

SEPT 25 - OCT 24  2020

Adele Webster

Early in life, Adele found the escape creativity provided, the peaceful place your brain wanders while creating. Adele studied Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, and has worked in the graphics field for over twenty years. ​ Adele paints to find peace and joy and hopes that it's reflected back to everyone that sees it. Everything she paints takes its start in nature, the way water moves, the way clouds form. This is what she captures with her contemporary abstracted style. The natural landscapes and seascapes are constant throughout her creations. Adele works on birch panels with acrylic and high gloss resin. 

Nature is my greatest inspiration. I'm fascinated with the layering of distant horizons. To me, looking out over a large body of water or open vista is one of the most peaceful, calming views. ​In my paintings, I try to capture the simple graceful beauty of it all. Also allowing the paint to settle, ebb and flow, in its own natural process makes sense to me. I embrace the mystery and beauty of it all.